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Services We Provide

As your business evolves, so should your capacity to adapt to future technologies.  At NCC our goal is to incorporate these advances into your business solutions to stay ahead of your competitors. Contact us today if you’re looking for professional communications repair and installations.

We provide the following services:

  • Cat 5 and Cat 6 Network Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Network
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Audio
  • Security
  • Design and Build
  • Patch Panel Installation
  • Cable Termination
  • Cable Certification
  • Telephone System
  • Racks and Cabinets
  • Cable Tray and Runways
  • CCTV Installation
  • Sales Service & Installation of VOIP
  • PBX
  • Key Systems
  • Troubleshooting & Repairs
  • Hardware Installation
  • Services Paging Systems
  • IS Design and Support
  • Low Voltage Cabling

Low Voltage Cabling

Installation of low voltage wiring and cabling consists of standardized smaller elements designed to handle voice, data, and video signals in commercial and residential properties. At NCC we understand the importance of installing structured cable systems correctly, in a neat, clean, and organized manner that promotes the most efficiency to your networks.  Whether you are updating your wiring, expanding an existing building, or completing new construction, NCC can handle all your cabling and wire installation needs. 

Start of cabling installation
Finished Product
Finished Product
Finished Product

Rack and Enclosures

Racks and Enclosures form the primary structure of an installation and provide the “frame” to support electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management.  We can provide rack enclosures that best fit your project.

Rack and Enclosures
Rack and Enclosures
Performance Testing and Certifications

Performance Testing and Certifications

Testing a newly installed cable system is crucial to ensuring the overall integrity and long-term performance of a network. NCC tests every cable we install and can provide certification results upon request.

Overhead Paging Systems

The ability to get in touch with someone remotely via a paging system is an important aspect of many business environments including offices, retail spaces, warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers, and virtually any public space.


Overhead paging can be a very effective tool for accessing people or quickly distributing information in a small or very large space. In addition to the advantages of reaching people, a paging system can also be very effective to make general announcements or to announce visitors or incoming calls or provide quick response to critical conditions and send clear directives in emergency situations.


Whether you own a home or a small business, you understand the importance of having the right security solutions in place to protect your family, your property, and your investments. NCC offers a wide range of customizable and scalable security solutions for your residence or business that will provide you a peace of mind.

Fiber Optics

In addition to voice and data cable installation, NCC has extensive experience in single and multi-mode fiber optic systems. These systems connections are mostly used as a backbone in large voice and computer cabling networks, where large distances need to be covered and where regular copper would not be able to carry the signal over a long distance. Whether you need single-mode, multi-mode, a short cable run, or need to tie together multiple buildings miles apart, NCC can help design, install, and maintain your next fiber optics project.


Fiber Box Install/Fiber To Fiber Tie Together Two Buildings:

CCTV Camera Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is currently the fastest-growing segment in the private sector security market, and with ample reason. A CCTV installation provides your company the safety, efficiency, and verifiability only associated with video records of business affairs. This is pertinent to many aspects of a business, including general security surveillance, monitoring for insurance purposes, and as a deterrent to shoplifting in a retail environment.  CCTV camera security systems can be comprised of merely a single camera and monitor or be very elaborate.  At NCC we provide custom security camera system installations and services for both business and residential CCTV systems.  With a comprehensive project assessment, planning, and solution recommendations, NCC can help secure your property and assets.

Fiber Optics

Audio Visual

The future is now with our cloud-based technology, bringing the highest levels of adaptability and efficiency to the setup and maintenance of commercial control and automation solutions. Leverage the familiarity and convenience of your customer’s Apple® or Android™ mobile devices as the ultimate customizable user interfaces for applications of any size—from a basic conference room to a complete hospital, university, casino, restaurant, or other facilities. Our platform is highly scalable, ideally flexible for clients who may evolve their needs over time.

Telephone Systems

Front of the page - Get Voice, Video, Mobility, Security, Unified Communications, and more in a single-source PBX System solution.

NCC offers four types of business phone systems including a variety of ‘cloud-based’ virtual phone systems, VoIP PBX software (cloud or on-premises), VoIP office phone systems, and digital phone systems to fit the needs of any size or type of company.

Cloud Phone System

Cloud-based Phone Systems (also known as Virtual or Hosted PBX) include a complete business communications solution plus nationwide calling for one low monthly cost.  


Cloud PBX System’s features and services are in the cloud and are hosted and supported by our premier partner Zultys– providing you with redundancy, security, advanced applications–and complete peace of mind without investing in telephone system equipment.


VoIP PBX Software

Combining the technology of VoIP with a PBX creates an IP PBX system. IP PBX phone systems work over the Internet instead of through traditional phone lines. IP PBX systems can be in-office or hosted. Hosted IP PBX systems are the most cost-effective choice for smaller businesses.


On-Premises PBX

An on-premises PBX is deployed on servers belonging to the business and this is managed by your business entirely. For this type of installation, the business must have in place the appropriate infrastructure, including servers, networks, devices, and so on, or they must factor this into their budget. On-premises PBXs are more suited to larger enterprises that have the infrastructure and resources to run and manage the phone system and are possibly in sectors that require strict security and confidentiality.


Phone System

Digital systems offered by NCC uses analog and VOIP telephones as well as digital telephones.  There are proprietary interfaces that allow you to mix and match. Features like voicemail-to-email are a great reason to either upgrade or purchase a digital system. Digital systems offer more software-based solutions and many upgrades. NCC offers streamlined internal phone systems installation and maintenance.


·       ◘ Prior to considering any new phone system, it always best to review your current cabling structure to ensure your communications needs are being met. Consulting with us will ensure your cabling is current, accurate, and ready for implantation of any new or exceeding phone system. We can offer this service without any disruptions to your current communications.

Legacy Systems

As technology changes at a rapid pace, it is also important to keep every business a smooth running ability.  That also reaches out to customers who have older systems with analog phones.  For your system still needs to work to keep in constant contact with your customers.   As time goes by old phone systems fall behind the curve.  In order to stay ahead of the competition, we can slowly work with you in transitioning into the next century by slowly integrating a new system with minimal downtime.

By working with you and slowly upgrading your system, starting with the foundation (fiber backbone) to the top (phone system and phones).  We will ensure will not take the next step but jump the entire staircase place you above the rest at the next level of communication all around the world.

Legacy Systems