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During NCC Cleanup Process
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As a full-service, low-voltage cabling company, NCC installs Ethernet structure cabling that supports computer networks, Wi-Fi networks, and telephone switches. We have the ability to utilize the latest emerging technology for passive optical networks (PON).


Through our manufacturing certifications, Prime Cable Solutions has the ability to provide multi-year extended warranties with the manufactures. This is ideal for a building owner or new tenant with an extended lease. If your plans are temporary, utilize a system that is cost-effective, and one that will meet your current needs.

All about Ethernet Cables

For more than 30 years, only the computer network has required an Ethernet cable to connect multiple computers to a single server. In the last 15 years, wireless networks have emerged to support mobile and other electronic devices. All wireless networks require an Ethernet cable to connect the antenna to the network server or network router. At the same time, businesses that require a telephone switch have been utilizing IP (internet protocol) technology to operate on the same Ethernet cable that traditional computers use.

Increasing Efficiency

Traditional commercial building systems, including security cameras, access controls, and audiovisual systems, are converting to IP devices that will allow their operations to become automated and controlled remotely.  This automation allows building owners to become more energy efficient.

Each IP device requires an Ethernet cable or wireless network connection to communicate. The companies that install these traditional building systems are not qualified or do not have the skilled labor to install Ethernet cabling or wireless network.  NCC views this as an opportunity to work with these companies and install the required Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi connections for their projects.

Contact us to discuss your next project, as well as how to complete Ethernet structure cabling can increase your efficiency.