New Century Communications Inc.

NCC communications solutions are comprised of a reliable set of products and services designed for both your internal and external communication needs. Let us assist you in your voice and data communications need to your unique business operations.

We provide a complete line of telephone products and installation services. We have partnered with industry leaders to ensure that our clients receive the right solution, at the best value.

Whether companies are planning for future technology during the build process or improving on your existing infrastructure, taking an integrated approach to electrical and low voltage, data, and systems, providing real solutions to real issues is our receipt of success. That’s why we created NCC integrated systems. Electrical and communication services including design, installation, testing, long-term service, and maintenance.

Most commercial electrical contractors focus on the details of bids, schedules, labor, and parts inventory. NCC sees the world a little differently, knowing that each of those things is part of a bigger picture plan. And when the big picture is clear, the details don’t create drama…just dramatic results!

Our clients are excited about our design/build approach to our work. Especially our high standards when it comes to the detailed quality of our client-first approach. When it comes to information, there can never be too much. After all, our plans become our playbook for exceptional installation…our team’s roadmap for success. We provide exceptional value. Our plans lead to fewer change orders and our practice of designing around a budget ensures our projects are completed on time and on budget. With a design/plan approach, you can have input on all of the details upfront, saving you time throughout the project.

NCC provides sales, design, implementation, and support for telephone solutions for low voltage cabling in the State of Oregon/Southern Washington.  Our vision is to keep our customer's current equipment in continuous service to meet their needs, enhance it when economically justified, or replace it when appropriate.

Our Core Values:

Service – Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.  We believe in looking beyond () to ensure our customers’ expectations perform.

Quality – We steadfastly adhere to the highest principles and professional standards. These standards are the fundamental beliefs that we hold for ourselves in our interactions with customers, employees, and the public.

Integrity – We adhere to providing you with an ingredient solution at the best price without comprising innovations or technological advances as we continue to grow your business.

Excellence –Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.  We provide the best value to customers by offering them extraordinary services, innovative solutions, and the highest quality products.